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Palo Santo (Incense)

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Its euphoric effect and use for spiritual cleansing make the Sacred Wood of the Incas one of today’s most popular incense woods for meditation, yoga and room aromatization. With scents of mint, pine, lime and a unique aroma, Palo Santo contributes to relaxation and positive inner balance.


5 natural incense woods. Shape of the product may vary. Origin Peru. Wood of the balsam tree Bursera graveolens from certified sustainable cultivation.

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Fragrance: Gentle woody aroma with scents of mint, pine, lime.


Application: Hold a Palo Santo stick at a 45° angle and light it.
Let burn for about 30 seconds, waving the stick gently in the air. Place on a fireproof surface. Enjoy the clearing and calming scent. Perform in an airy location.


Background Palo Santo
Palo Santo, known as the Sacred Wood, has a very special meaning to the Incaic culture. For thousands of years, the wood has been used in traditional mystical ceremonies and spiritual rituals to purify the body and mind and to communicate with the gods. Even today, Paq’os priests and shamans use Palo Santo in Ayahuasca ceremonies. The incense is said to have healing powers and to drive away negative energies. It is said that evil spirits shun the characteristic scent of the resin contained in the wood. The wood itself undergoes a process of natural transformation and reaches its aromatic properties only after several years. This maturation process gives Palo Santo an additional exclusive quality.